New World Coffee-Manhattan Bagel Inc. (Nasdaq: NWCI) announced December 2 that its Manhattan Bagel subsidiary has launched the Big City Meals combination lunch program and expanded its breakfast menu with new sweet baked goods and hash brown potatoes.

The Big City Meals combos feature specialty sandwiches on bagels, wraps or rolls, accompanied by Lay’s Potato Chips and a Coca-Cola beverage. Big City Meals represents an extension of Manhattan Bagel’s strategic partnership with Kraft Foods, the preferred supplier for premium “Carving Board” deli meats and other products; Pillsbury Company, which furnishes a variety of par-baked rolls; and the Coca-Cola Company for beverages. The program also represents a new supplier partnership with Frito-Lay, Inc.

“The Big City Meals are designed to increase the average ticket and complement the growth in customer traffic generated by our Freedom from Boring Lunches!™ specialty sandwich program,” said Mike Ryan, vice president of franchise services. “By offering a complete, specially priced lunch package, we’re making meal choices even easier for our customers.”

Manhattan Bagel is also building its breakfast offering with the introduction of store-baked Pillsbury A.M. Sweets, consisting of Apple and Raspberry Strudel sticks and Cinnamon Twists. Additionally, store-baked Jumbo Chocolate Chip cookies from Pillsbury are now on the afternoon menu. Also new to the breakfast lineup are portable hash brown potatoes from Lamb-Weston, Inc. The menu additions are being promoted at the point of purchase by counter cards. “These new items were very well received by customers and franchisees during tests,” said Ryan. “They help to round out a breakfast meal.”

New World Coffee-Manhattan Bagel Inc. currently franchises, licenses or owns stores under its three brands in 27 states and Washington, D.C. The Company is vertically integrated in bagel dough and cream cheese manufacturing, and coffee roasting, with plants in New Jersey, California and Connecticut.

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