Beginning June 30, diners looking to lower their intake of calories without sacrificing taste or quality will find three new menu items for breakfast at Manhattan Bagel that all contain less than 400 calories. The new products are made fresh every day in the store, including the new Yogurt Parfait made with Activia yogurt.

The new Lighter Side Breakfast Menu offerings are being rolled out at a time when many consumers are turning away from calorie-laden meals and seeking more healthful options that satisfy their cravings for a delicious meal or snack.

“Manhattan Bagel has always encouraged healthy lifestyles in the communities we serve, and we’ve carefully developed new, healthy breakfast options complete with a variety of tastes and fresh ingredients,” says Jeffrey O’Neill, chief executive officer of Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc., Manhattan Bagel’s parent company.

Einstein Noah Restaurant Group has partnered with The Dannon Company, Inc., to be the first nationwide chain to sell an Activia branded yogurt parfait. Strawberries and blueberries blanket the new 10-ounce yogurt parfait, which is topped with crunchy granola and contains only 220 calories. Other items on the Lighter Side Breakfast Menu at Manhattan Bagel include:

Italian Egg White on Multigrain Toast Sandwich: Egg white and turkey sausage with roasted red peppers and garlic herb cream cheese on multigrain toast. Calories: 398.

Ancho Egg White Bagel Sandwich: Egg white and turkey sausage topped with ancho salsa on a whole wheat bagel. Calories: 370.

“Consumers who want to eat healthier meals often have to compromise on taste, but they won’t at Manhattan Bagel,” O’Neill says. “For example, we’ve spiced up the standard egg white sandwich with ingredients that provide a great taste to kick off the morning.”

In addition to tasty breakfast options, lunch at Manhattan Bagel features interesting sandwich combinations and salads. All sandwiches are served on a choice of focaccia, multi-grain bread, bagels, rolls, or wraps.

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