McDonald’s announced that it has completed a thorough review of its promotional game security procedures and, in conjunction with a panel of advisors, has developed new game security protocols to protect and ensure the integrity of its promotional games.

“With the new security protocols that our Games Advisory Board has endorsed,” said Neil Golden, vice president of U.S. Marketing for McDonald’s, “we can ensure that McDonald’s customers will have a fair chance to win.”

In conjunction with the Games Advisory Board, McDonald’s developed three guiding principles to follow for its promotional games:

  • There is no longer a single party overseeing game security.
  • A new technique has been developed whereby independent auditors can authenticate McDonald’s game pieces.
  • There will be a random rotation of supplier roles from each game promotion to the next.

    The Games Advisory Board includes Dan Webb, board chairman, former U.S. Attorney of Illinois; Lynn Martin, former Labor Secretary under President George Bush; Eric Holder, former Deputy Attorney General under Janet Reno; and Jodie Bernstein, former Director of Consumer Protection for the Federal Trade Commission.

    “I am impressed with McDonald’s extensive efforts to enhance the security of its games,” Webb said. “We believe that the games security protocol is a comprehensive and effective set of security processes that will protect against threats to the security of McDonald’s promotional games.”

    McDonald’s formed the Games Advisory Board in Fall 2001 to conduct a review of security procedures prior to introducing another promotional game. The board’s purpose was to “ensure the security and thereby the integrity of McDonald’s promotional games and contests by raising to an even higher level McDonald’s standards with respect to the development, production and execution of games and contests.”

    McDonald’s newest promotional game, Winning Time(TM), begins March 25. McDonald’s says the game “will help customers savor their time by giving them the chance to win a variety of outstanding prizes including cash, personal services, sports cars, and special times with celebrities. All prizes can be won by obtaining a winning game piece rather than obtaining a winning collection of game pieces.” Game pieces are bilingual and will be attached to packaging for the Big Mac; the Quarter Pounder with cheese; medium, large, or Super Size french fries; hash browns; and 32- or 42-ounce drinks.

    The Marketing Store in Oak Brook, Illinois, is managing the Winning Time game for McDonald’s.

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