Bikky, a customer data platform built exclusively for multi-unit restaurants, announced a partnership with MOD Pizza, the purpose-led, people-first, fast casual pizza pioneer. By leveraging Bikky’s customer analytics capabilities across its entire portfolio of over 500 locations, MOD is deepening its knowledge of what marketing and menu decisions resonate with customers and as a result, increase profits and its ability to serve the best pizza with a purpose.

Since its founding in 2008, MOD has been named the fastest-growing restaurant chain in America twice. The brand connects with its loyal base of customers through a rewards program in its app. However, on average, fewer than 33 percent of consumers are enrolled in their favorite brand’s loyalty programs, making this an unreliable method for behavioral insights for many businesses, even with their most loyal customers or those taking advantage of online ordering systems and delivery. For MOD specifically, this meant they were missing out on understanding the behavior of the more than 20 million guests they’ve served since 2020 alone.

​​“MOD exists to deliver authentic and inspired service to millions every year,” says Ben Sadler, Director of CRM and Loyalty of MOD. “Our partnership with Bikky enables a new avenue for additional insight into predicting what we can be doing to better serve our loyal, regular, and first-time customers, and evaluate how we’re leveling up to that penultimate goal. While we love and understand our loyal customers, we’re excited to get to know the rest of our guests.”

The National Restaurant Association forecasts restaurant industry sales to hit a record $1.1 trillion in sales in 2024, the first time ever surpassing the $1 trillion mark and a 10% increase from 2023’s forecast. Thus, more data is coming into the industry than ever before, and innovative brands are looking for partners like Bikky to help them start capturing and utilizing that data regardless of whether it’s digital or in-person.

Bikky provides MOD with summary metrics including new and repeat customer counts across locations, ordering channels, dayparts, and menu items. With Bikky, MOD can also measure the impact of loyalty campaigns and system-wide promotions to determine conversion rates, revenue, and their impact on customer frequency. All of this is made possible by Bikky’s ability to access in-store, off-premise, and loyalty data, increasing MOD’s visibility of customers 8x since the start of the partnership. With the move to partner with Bikky for analytics that guide important consumer-first determinations, MOD further establishes itself as a category leader.

“Every restaurant brand succeeding in today’s digital-first world understands that an investment in their technology is the same as an investment in their customers,” says Abhinav Kapur, Co-Founder and CEO of Bikky. “The Bikky team is thrilled to be the analytics and data partner of choice for MOD Pizza, a true pioneer in the fast casual, pizza, and technology landscapes. We’re proud to help them make more data-informed decisions that achieve their mission of putting their people and customers first.”

The most innovative and fastest-growing brands in the restaurant industry are looking to Bikky for unprecedented insight into how decisions made in the boardroom directly impact customer behavior and as a result, increase revenue. MOD Pizza marks the latest enterprise restaurant brand to adopt its groundbreaking customer data and analytics platform, alongside others including Bojangles, Dave’s Hot Chicken, Long John Silver’s, and Krystal.

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