Being the mayor of your favorite restaurant is cool, but being a Rock God is epic. Moe’s Southwest Grill’s new Check-In Club rewards fans for checking in across social platforms and locations.

Here is how it works: Fans can register at, connect their Facebook and/or Foursquare account, check in every time they visit any Moe’s location, and begin earning prizes.

Once they’re in, customers can reach coveted rock ‘n’ roll status levels like Roadie, Rock Star, and Rock God for checking-in when they chow down at any Moe’s location across the country.

Members are automatically entered into the Take the Queso to the Banko Sweepstakes. The more members connect and engage with Moe’s, the greater their chances at winning. Guests can earn chips by doing things like sharing the contest link, leaving a tip on Foursquare, or checking in on a double chip day like Moe Monday. Each chip earned equals one entry into the sweepstakes.

Moe’s will select winners at random on September 26, 2012. The grand prize winner will take home a $500 Moe’s gift card, and five other lucky winners will get $100 Moe’s gift cards.

“Dozens of social platforms allow brands to reward guests for checking-in, but we worked with Brandmovers, Inc. to create a platform that aggregates check-ins, allows fans to compete nationwide, and earn credit no matter which Moe’s they visit,” says Lauren Barash, director of marketing for Moe’s Southwest Grill. “The leaderboard and status levels make it fun for those who enjoy the gaming aspect of checking in, while those seeking recognition and rewards get what they want as well.”

For those who just love the spirit of competition, the Check-In Club website features a leaderboard that highlights chip leaders, a map showing all check-ins per state, a Foursquare feed with tips and photos from Moe’s restaurants across the nation, and a member page that highlights fans’ status and rank amongst the rest of the club members.

“This location-based check-in club allows Moe’s to take it to the next level in terms of customer acquisition and overall engagement,” says Alberto Pages, vice president at Brandmovers, Inc. “Today’s customer consumes their media through many different channels and devices, and we as marketers have to respond to interact and engage with them where they play.”


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