Natural Source Printing (NSP), an FSC Certified and Carbon neutral source for Printing, Packaging, and Marketing materials has introduced FiberStone Papers,a line of tree-free, low carbon footprint papers. NSP has been producing unit cartons, POP displays, case packs, brochures, catalogs, annual reports, and high quality pressure sensitive labels on the stone paper material.

Jeff Salisbury, president of Label Impressions Inc. says, “FiberStone labels are a natural fit for the food industry–a group already keen on ‘going green’. The material is waterproof and durable, and actually carries a lower cost than traditional film labels. When compared to paper, the cost is equal or less, depending upon the material.” FiberStone tree-free labels can be coated with a freezer or moisture proof adhesive as well.

Mary Loyer, president of Natural Source Printing, states, “Our vision is to become a trusted advisor, helping companies achieve their environmental goals. As companies embrace greater responsibilities for environmental concerns, they are seeking resources to help them along that path. Adding FiberStone Papers to our vast list of green materials further cements our commitment to providing our customers with the most comprehensive menu of green solutions in the industry. More and more green conscious companies are focusing on sustainable and low carbon footprint materials. Our own unique FiberStone Papers have a carbon footprint that is at least one-third that of virgin paper, half that of recycled paper. The manufacturer of FiberStone Papers uses no water in processing, no trees, no chemicals, and very little energy to produce. FiberStone Papers come from an abundant renewable resource–limestone.”

Reduce, recycle, and renew have been key features of NSP’s products. Other examples are their Re-pulpable Fiberboard boxes, biodegradable plastic bags, and 14-pound recycled paper shipping palettes.