Burger King Corporation announced that Burger King restaurants nationwide are cooking with an innovative new broiler that takes product quality and menu innovation to new heights. The equipment is the heart of Burger King restaurant kitchens. The broiler, supplied by two manufacturers, features proprietary technology that allows restaurants to further enhance the brand’s flame-fresh taste and provides the flexibility necessary to explore a wider range of innovative fire-grilled foods.

“This new broiler is a game-changing piece of equipment and a significant point of differentiation for us,” says John Schaufelberger, senior vice president of global product marketing and innovation for Burger King Corporation. “Not only is the technology revolutionary to our industry, it is proprietary to the Burger King brand. It allows us to up the ante in our product development across the board—from superior quality food and unconventional menu innovations to even more competitive value offerings.”

Burger King Corporation is currently testing a variety of products that can now be made on the new broiler, including BK Fire-Grilled Ribs, stuffed burgers, and an array of offerings for breakfast, snacks, and even flame-kissed desserts.

The casual-dining-quality Steakhouse XT premium burgers that are flame-broiled are more than 30 percent larger than McDonald’s Angus Third Pounders. The steakhouse patty debuts at Burger King restaurants nationwide this month and is among the first menu offerings made possible by the new cooking system.

The Steakhouse XT is a steakhouse dining experience from top to bottom. The premium sandwich features 7 ounces of seasoned ground beef topped with lettuce, onions, red-ripe tomatoes, ketchup, and mayo all on a corn-dusted bakery bun.

The A.1. Steakhouse XT features all of the ingredients on the Steakhouse XT along with A.1. steak sauce, American cheese, and onions. The Smoky Cheddar Steakhouse XT is named for its smoky barbeque sauce, cheddar cheese, and bacon.

For a limited time only, the Steakhouse XT is available at participating restaurants in the U.S. and Canada for an introductory retail price of $3.99. The A.1. Steakhouse XT and Smoky Cheddar Steakhouse XT are available for a suggested retail price of $4.49. Both the Steakhouse XT and the A.1. Steakhouse XT are permanent additions to the Burger King menu, and the Smoky Cheddar Steakhouse XT is available for a limited time, while supplies last.

In addition to advancing the entire cooking process, one of the proprietary systems supports energy efficiency by reducing gas consumption in Burger King restaurants by 52 percent and electricity consumption by 90 percent when compared to systems of the past. As of February 1, virtually all Burger King restaurants in the U.S. and Canada have installed the new broiler and the broiler’s roll out to international markets is expected to be completed over the course of 2010.

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