IDS Menus, a leading supplier of indoor, outdoor and digital menuboards, announces the launching of its new Green Series Drive-Thru Menu Board System. This is the only drive-thru menuboard system that uses energy saving LED technology.

“We have designed a system that uses 80 percent to 90 percent less electrical consumption and is still brighter than our existing drive-thru systems,” says Dean Edelman, president of IDS Menus. “The lighting on these systems will last for approximately 12 years. They never need a bulb or ballast change. This is a tremendous savings for restaurant operators in maintenance and operating costs. We have also listened to our customers and increased the content viewing area by 45 percent without impact to the overall display size.”

Rick Kranz, CEO of IDS Menus, explains how the new menuboard system will impact the market place. “This is game-changing technology for us. We expect to capture an even larger share of the drive-thru market with this product line. The key to this is the price point. Our engineering team was able to design a system that is at or below the price of non-LED systems. The amount of money large chains will save on electrical and maintenance costs is very significant. We are currently working with a large national chain on retrofitting their stores. Now that this product is available, it just does not make sense that a restaurant owner would want to purchase any other drive-thru, unless they have money to burn and just don’t care about the environment.”

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