Just Salad continues to limit its environmental impact by announcing the release of a new disposable salad bowl made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled material.

Just Salad offers two free toppings to all customers that reuse and bring back Just Salad’s own reusable bowls, which come in three distinct colors: orange, green, and white. In addition to reusable bowls, Just Salad offers reusable bags, biodegradable plastic bags, and other eco-friendly packaging. Following Earth Day this year, Just Salad decided to further its green initiatives by replacing its current disposable plastic bowls with new disposable bowls made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic.

By featuring all recycled materials, these new disposable bowls better complement the signature reusable salad bowls that are available for purchase in store. Post-consumer recycled material refers to a product that has completed its consumer life cycle. When an item can no longer be used by consumers it is typically thrown out as solid waste. At Just Salad, these materials will live another life as environmentally friendly bowls. Post-consumer recycled material differs from ordinary recycled material in that it consists solely of post-consumer materials, whereas a recycled material may also contain pre-consumer materials.

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