The National Restaurant Association (NRA) reiterated its support for immigration reform that addresses restaurant-industry priorities as restaurateurs and state restaurant associations across the country called for sensible reform in events in their home states this week.


Restaurant stakeholders are pointing to new polling results, which show broad bipartisan support for the Senate “Gang of Eight” proposal. Polls conducted in 29 states by a coalition of Republican and Democratic groups show support for the bill cutting across party lines in all states. Moreover, voters said they would reward their elected officials in Washington who support an immigration reform plan.


America’s restaurants support common-sense immigration reform that meets three key priorities: a clear path to legalization, national implementation of the E-Verify employee verification system, and increased border security that won’t harm legal travel and tourism,” says Scott DeFife, executive vice president, policy and government affairs, NRA. “The National Restaurant Association encourages members of the Senate and House, as well as the Administration, to recognize the growing support for reform as restaurateurs and others call for a fix to the nation’s broken immigration system.”


The NRA has launched a broad-based advocacy, communications, and grassroots campaign to support comprehensive immigration reform that addresses restaurant-industry priorities.


As a central campaign resource, the Association has developed a new online site incorporating its existing America Works Here messaging efforts. The site – – highlights the Association’s top public policy priorities with an aim to activate advocates, encouraging members to send letters to their members of Congress, read the latest news on key issues, and learn about local events.


Restaurants are where individuals of all backgrounds have the opportunity to rise from entry level work to management and ownership, and create their personal version of the American Dream,” DeFife adds. “Nearly one in three Americans will get their first work experience in the restaurant industry. Millions more come in every day for family gatherings, business meetings, and celebrations at our tables.”


The NRA has been heavily involved in the construction and review of S. 744, the comprehensive immigration bill drafted by the bipartisan Gang of Eight. Full debate on the bill began in the Senate this week.


As part of its overall immigration campaign efforts, the Association unveiled a new advertisement in its America Works Here series. The ad notes that restaurants employ more minority managers than any other industry and provide one of the best paths to achieving the American Dream.

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