The National Restaurant Association today issued a statement declaring its opposition to the latest version of health care legislation based on a unanimous vote of members of the Executive Committee of its Board of Directors.

“As the association representing the nation’s second largest private sector employer, we are committed to reducing costs in the health care system and expanding health care coverage for our workforce,” says National Restaurant Association President & CEO Dawn Sweeney. “We have actively engaged with policymakers during the past year to advance that goal and ensure that the voice of our industry was heard in the process.

“The modified bill would have a severely negative impact on restaurant businesses. It would increase costs and impose onerous administrative burdens throughout the industry.

“As a result, the National Restaurant Association will actively oppose the health care reform package under consideration.

“While our consistent and committed efforts over the past year led to several important improvements, the current legislation significantly weakens the small business exemption, imposes severe administrative burdens, and includes extremely onerous penalties.

“The restaurant industry will continue to fight for measures that support job creation and the U.S. economy. We are committed to creating jobs, and building a bright future for our industry, the economy, and our country.”