The pandemic has caused restaurants to radically pivot their business models, compensating for issues such as rising labor costs, staffing challenges, and increased food costs. Restaurant executives are searching for new methods to make their businesses more profitable, efficient, and grow beyond their current capacity – one of these methods is the utilization of the work from home environment.

CEO of OrderSolutions, Nick Tubis, comments, “The work from home environment has unlocked a labor pool that is extremely talented and can provide tremendous value, though few restaurant chains are capitalizing on it. One of the most effective ways restaurant brands are using the work from home environment is via a Restaurant Call Center Partner. This partnership pivots restaurant business models towards a more streamlined approach for call-in orders, delivery orders, and general off-premise needs – and that’s exactly what we provide.”

OrderSolutions is the front-runner in low-cost order sales and management for the top restaurant brands across the country. OrderSolutions is now offering its award winning services at a full 30% cost reduction with its off-shore, English-speaking take out order specialists.

Nick Tubis further elaborated, “We pay a premium and extensively interview to find the top, English-speaking representatives in the Philippines that have little-to-no accent. We pay almost double what it would cost for typical Philippine’s agents so that we can attract the best talent. Our goal is to have our representatives be indistinguishable from someone living in the United States. Between that investment and extensive training on our brands, this has been a total game changer in terms of our sales efficiency, scale, and cost savings. My prediction is that 2022 is going to be a big year for the Philippines and restaurant chains because it’s one of the few ways to bring labor costs down and increase throughput / revenue immediately. One of the most interesting facts is that automation can actually be more expensive than using premium off-shore labor, and it’s a better guest experience as well.”

Since the start of 2021, OrderSolutions has tripled in size and brought on almost a dozen global restaurant brands to their roster of clients. These brands rely on OrderSolutions to drive their off-premise orders via their outsourcing service as a necessity during this difficult employment environment and labor increases. 

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