Elevation Burger franchisees, Brian Edgar, Matt Jerkovich and Andy Herriott, recently signed a lease securing real estate in Montclair for the first of their five units in New Jersey.

Elevation Burger is rapidly expanding its Virginia-based organic burger concept throughout the U.S. and has 24 locations in development across Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C. New Jersey’s first Elevation Burger location will be found at 367 Bloomfield Avenue in the Phoenix Building of Montclair.

Edgar, Jerkovich and Herriott will be looking into suburban areas of New Jersey including Clifton, Paramus, Morristown and Summit for their next four locations.

Elevation Burger offers a sophisticated and flavorful menu highlighting health conscious ingredients served in well-appointed and environmentally-friendly restaurants run by a staff that strives to provide impeccable customer service.