In the late 1960s, consumers reveled at the idea of picking up the phone and having a pizza delivered to their door. Decades later, in 2001, Papa John’s made ordering pizza even more convenient with the introduction of online ordering at Today, Papa John’s is leading the entire quick-service restaurant industry across yet another technology threshold as the first national pizza chain to offer text message ordering.

“Just a few years ago, e-mail was a revolutionary way to keep in touch with friends and family, and Papa John’s responded in-kind with online ordering,” said Jim Ensign, vice president, marketing communications for Papa John’s International, Inc. “Now, more than 48 percent of mobile phone owners use text messaging to communicate with their friends and family every day.”

The introduction of Papa John’s text ordering comes just before one of the three busiest pizza delivery days of the year, the night before Thanksgiving. And with 74 percent of Americans age 18-34, using their mobile phones for more than chatting, busy college students cramming for finals can now discreetly order a late-night snack without violating their library’s “no talking” policy.

Text message ordering with Papa John’s will work with this simple four-step process:

1. Customers first register online at and save their favorite orders, delivery and payment preferences with the Papa John’s “Favorites Wizard.”

2. Once registered online, the Papa John’s consumer can simply text FAV1, FAV2, etc. to 4PAPA (47272).

3. Papa John’s then sends a text message detailing the order and requesting confirmation from the consumer.

4. The consumer presses Y1 to confirm the order for FAV1 or N1 to change the order. Once confirmed, the closest Papa John’s restaurant processes the order.

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