The premier baking franchise with more than 3,700 worldwide locations, Paris Baguette, announced its Adagio signature roast and line of Adagio-flavored products, an exclusive blend created just for the brand.

The beans for the roast are responsibly sourced from an eco-friendly environment and are certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Perfected by an internationally known “master roaster,” Adagio features a blend of four flavors. The harmonious combination includes almond, cacao, vanilla, and pear, which creates an equally unique and refreshing flavor profile.

In addition to the signature roast, Paris Baguette has also launched a new line of products that pair seamlessly with the Adagio roast. These include the Adagio Coffee Croissant Donut, Adagio Coffee Croissant, Adagio Coffee Cream Brioche, and Adagio Coffee Cappuccino Pudding.

“We’re continuously searching for new, creative flavors and food items to accentuate our French-inspired menu,” says Larry Sidoti, chief development officer of Paris Baguette. “Working with elite roasters and bakers around the world has allowed us the ability to offer distinctive products that you can’t find anywhere else.”

With proprietary dough that is lighter, more airy, and less sweet than typical dough, Paris Baguette’s products offer guests a unique and sophisticated taste. The fast casual bakery provides its higher quality, value-driven experience through a combination of self-serve stations and counter-order in all locations.

Traditional locations average 1,800 square feet to 2,500 square feet, but Paris Baguettes can also be found in nontraditional venues such as airports, hotels and casinos.

Featuring high quality baked goods, savory eats and beverages, Paris Baguette currently has 46 U.S. locations stretching from the West Coast to the East Coast. Worldwide, the company has over 3,700 locations throughout South Korea, China, Singapore, Vietnam, and France. Further expansion plans across the United States, through franchising, will focus on 17 key target markets including continued development throughout California and the Northeast. Eight corporate locations are also projected to open in 2016.  

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