ParTech, Inc. a subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation, announced the release of the new PAR Tablet 8.

Some of the specifications include: mobile POS, table management and wine lists, and ordering and loyal stations.

“Our history of deploying and supporting mobile solutions gives us a unique viewpoint to provide global customers with a solution that they can feel confident in managing their business,” says Karen E. Sammon, President of ParTech, Inc. “The PAR Tablet 8 is designed to be a small and lightweight tablet while offering the versatility to meet the ongoing payment and loyalty demands in any hospitality or retail location.”

The PAR Tablet 8 and accessories will be globally available the week of June 23 in 48 initial countries to PAR customers and partners with the payment accessories being generally available in the third quarter of 2014.

 “The newly introduced PAR Tablet 8 product based on the Intel Atom processors is a great match for retail and hospitality environments”, says Michelle Tinsley, director of mobility and secure payment solutions, retail solutions division, Intel.  “The smart back technology provides a platform with versatility for different payment options such as EMV and mag stripe as well as supporting bar code and RFID reading for inventory management, product look up, and customer support.”

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