For the first time in two years, Philz Coffee is adding a new, plant-based beverage to its menu with the introduction of Oatmeal Cookie Cold Brew, available now through June 10.   

Oatmeal Cookie Cold Brew combines notes of caramelized brown sugar, oats and cinnamon spice with the smooth and refreshing Philz Mission Cold Brew coffee and creamy Califia Farms Oat Barista Blend for a rich, springtime refreshment.  

“At Philz Coffee, we take pride in serving our guests the highest quality coffee and unique, delicious flavors, and our new Oatmeal Cookie Cold Brew is a great example of that,” said Philz Coffee Director of Menu Innovation and Product Development Eleni Kardaras. “We took inspiration from a ‘secret menu’ item to bring our loyal guests a refreshing twist on a classic beverage combination while giving new customers a tasty reason to visit us.” 

The new limited-time beverage will be available at all 65+ Philz Coffee locations in California and Chicago.  

Every Philz Coffee cup is personalized to the customer’s taste with customizable sweeteners and add-ins, using real ingredients and sustainably sourced coffee. Oatmeal Cookie Cold Brew joins other popular Philz Coffee Featured Creations including Mint Mojito, Honey Haze and Iced Coffee Rosé. 

Philz Coffee beans are available for purchase online at and can ship nationwide. To find the nearest Philz Coffee location, visit  

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