Yesterday Pizza Hut re-launched its web site, dubbed the “Virtual Flagship.”

The site features updates that make the consumer ordering experience faster and more intuitive than the previous site. As a result, Pizza Hut expects to hit $2 billion in online sales this year.

“The additions to the web site provide an enhanced level of order customization that allows us to get customers’ favorites to them faster,” says Brian Niccol, Pizza Hut Chief Marketing Officer.

“We’re excited about the new improvements to our largest and most successful storefront.”

The upgraded web site includes:

• Iconic Ordering: Visual cues guide customers throughout the ordering process, allowing them to see crust types and toppings as they customize their pizzas. Images of items are added to the cart, ensuring there are no ordering mistakes.

• Intuitive Design: The site remembers repeat customers, allowing for two-click reordering. Returning customers will see their last order when first accessing the site, great for ordering your favorites each time with just a couple of clicks.

• En Espanol: A new Spanish-ordering site is launching concurrently. The Spanish site features the same functions that the English site does, allowing customers to order in their preferred language.

To celebrate the web site launch, Pizza Hut gave one of its customers free pizza for a year. The customer logged on the new and was later surprised with pizza for a year (in the form of Pizza Hut gift cards)..

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