When it comes to providing a fresh take on high-quality, flavorful ingredients met at an affordable price, Pokéworks, the nation’s largest and fastest-growing poké brand, has perfected the art. After introducing the world to the first poké burrito in an explosive viral video, the entrepreneurs behind the brand are setting out to transform the fast-casual segment with plans to bring more than 100 new franchise locations to markets across the country over the next two years.

Mostly known as a trendy, bi-coastal cuisine, Pokéworks has carved out a unique niche in the industry by finding a way to bring fresh, sustainable fish to the masses. The brand is building on momentum largely fueled by Pokéworks’ millennial relevance, as its chef-driven menu allows for complete customization catering to any dietary restriction or preference. With popular locations thriving in Manhattan, Boston, Houston and Chicago, Pokéworks will further expand its brand presence with recently signed multi-unit franchise deals bringing the brand to San Francisco, Phoenix, Miami, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Austin and other major cities.

“Our commitment to providing a healthier alternative to traditional fast food, coupled with the ability to meet demands for a reduced carbon footprint and naturally sustainable food, places us in a prime position for future growth,” says Kevin Hsu, co-founder of Pokéworks. “As our brand continues to develop, we are dedicated to seeking passionate franchise partners to elevate the Pokéworks concept, while providing customers with a fresh take on Hawaiian-inspired poké.”

Founded in 2015 in Midtown Manhattan, Pokéworks was created by brothers, Michael Wu and Peter Yang, and college buddies Kevin Hsu and Kasper Hsu, who all shared a vision of bringing quality and affordable flavorful food to the masses. After many trips to Hawaii filled with lots of poké, they began to incorporate household snacks for added flavor and texture, which was how the brand’s “Poké Your Way” motto was born. The founders decided to bring this island favorite back to the Mainland for all to enjoy.

Pokéworks is the nation’s largest and fastest growing poké brand, with nearly 20 locations open across the United States and Canada, and more than 100 restaurants anticipated to be open by 2020. With a comprehensive franchisee training program and dedicated support teams to assist in franchise on-boarding, development, opening and ongoing operations, Pokéworks is seeking experienced multi-unit franchisees in Texas, Florida and California, among other states.  The brand’s easy-to-execute menu paired with a simple kitchen design allows for substantially lower construction costs, reduced labor and lower ongoing maintenance expenses for prospective franchisees. The initial franchise fee for Pokéworks is $35,000 for a single unit with discounts for multi-unit agreements.

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