Pressed Juicery, a leading cold-pressed juice and plant-based products brand, will launch a brand-new toppings bar to accompany the popular plant-based soft serve, Freeze on June 28. The toppings bar includes 15 toppings, five drizzles, a guest-friendly bar, and a sleek new display. 

“We are excited to launch new toppings that are a decadent companion to our wildly popular Freeze product. We aimed for the toppings to taste great, be Instagrammable, and most importantly be good for you,” says Kathleen Rogers, vice president of Retail Operations at Pressed Juicery.

New toppings feature three new innovative vegan treats: vegan marshmallows, vegan peach gummy bears, and festive vegan sprinkles. Other toppings sure to become hits include chocolate chip cooking crumble, chocolate chips, dark chocolate crispy quinoa gems, Purely Elizabeth Granola, praline pecan pieces, shredded coconut, spiced almonds, blueberries, strawberries, sea salt, tajin, and a chocolate and vanilla waffle cone. The drizzles available are almond butter, cocoa drizzle, granola butter, honey and a new delicious raspberry puree.

The revolutionary plant-based soft serve is made from real fruits, nuts and vegetables. There are no chemicals, no binders, no stabilizers, no secrets, leaving you with a plant based, dessert taste. Freeze is available in four flavors; vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and new for summer, pineapple.

Create your own or choose from a Freeze Favorite with decadent options including the Chocolate Chip Cookie, vanilla Freeze with chocolate chip cooking crumble, cocoa drizzle and chocolate chips; Strawberry Pie, strawberry Freeze with vegan marshmallows, praline pecan pieces and granola butter; S’mores, chocolate Freeze with vegan marshmallows, chocolate chips and granola butter; and Tropical Dream, pineapple mango Freeze with raspberry puree, sprinkles sand shredded coconut.

Pressed Juicery is also making Freeze available for convenient, local delivery, available to all customers who live near a Freeze store. Freeze-lovers can order delivery directly from or a second-party delivery provider such as Postmates, GrubHub, Door Dash, and Uber Eats.

Freeze is available in two sizes, with up to three toppings available for an additional $1. The small size is available for $5, or $6 with toppings, while the large size is available for $6.50, or $7.50 with up to 3 toppings.

Enjoy Freeze for only $2 on National Ice Cream Day (July 21), available at all Pressed Juicery locations that serve Freeze.

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