In a recent research study of emerging restaurants, Project Pie was identified as the No. 1 rated brand on Yelp. The study, conducted by predictive analytic company Czar Metrics, analyzed thousands of restaurants across popular social channels, and also placed Project Pie in the Top 45 consumer picks overall.

“The fast casual pizza segment is a really hot right now,” says Michael Lukianoff, Czar Metrics CEO. “Project Pie tops the charts on Yelp in terms of perceived quality, showing us that right now, it’s one of the most exciting brands from a consumer standpoint.”

Experts say that social media metrics and sentiments are the latest way investors and consumers are judging brand worth. Positive reviews and rankings show the enthusiasm, food quality, and service atmosphere of a brand beyond just store sales. In Yelp ratings, Project Pie was rated highest among all other fast-casual pizza restaurants, with an average 4.5 stars, according to the study.

Project Pie offers custom-built pizzas cooked in two minutes in a high-temperature, stone-hearth oven, all served to guests in less than five minutes from the time of their order.

“It’s [great] to see that consumers are as pumped about this brand as we are,” says Project Pie founder and CEO James Markham. “We do things differently than what’s been done before, and clearly people dig it. We’re excited to grow the brand so that more people can see what Project Pie is all about.”


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