With small-batch bourbon distilleries cropping up all over the country, including in Quiznos’own backyard, executive chef Nick Graff wanted to incorporate the recent popularity of the signature American beverage into his newest chef-inspired creation, the limited-time Bourbon Steak Sub.

“We hand-selected a bourbon that, when reduced, resulted in a traditional oak barrel flavor profile with a vanilla overtone,” Graff says. “That, combined with a savory ponzu sauce, garlic, and mustard, gave the bourbon sauce a sweetness that complemented the spicy black pepper profile of the black-angus steak.”

The new Bourbon Steak Sub features high-quality black-angus steak, melted Mozzarella, smoky bacon, and crunchy fried onions, all topped with Quiznos’ original bourbon sauce and served up on an Italian white baguette.

To usher in the limited-time offer, Quiznos is launching a new television campaign built around the made-up word and catch phrase, floasted. The television spots, which are set to start airing mid-September, feature a character who has coined the term floasted as the ultimate descriptor for Quiznos subs: flavor plus toasted equals floasted.

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