WyckWyre, a Web-based recruiting solution, launched its website in 2010 and provides a tool that shortens the outdated and time-consuming process of finding a qualified employee. The cost-effective system takes hiring to a new level, saving the employer time and money by eliminating unqualified applicants and allowing them to focus on applicants who are qualified for the positions.

WyckWyre created a free version of its service for the masses.

“Our goal is to make WyckWyre.com the go-to site for restaurant and hospitality jobs,” says WyckWyre vice president Justin Poet. “We compete with free sites such as Craigslist, as well as more expensive job boards like CareerBuilder. We want to provide a product line that fits each customer’s needs.”

The free version will allow an employer to post a job, which, in addition to being shown on WyckWyre.com, may also be found on Indeed.com, SimplyHired.com, and other job boards across the Internet. Much like WyckWyre’s Premium Job Posts, applicants can apply directly through the online posting, eliminating paper applications and streamlining the recruiting process. “Our intent was to provide a superior free product than is currently available elsewhere … and frankly, we’ve done it,” Poet says. “This was a vital step for our company as it allows us to cater to customers of all sizes, from the independent restaurateur to the national restaurant or hotel chain.”

WyckWyre has several product offerings, including a $49 Premium Pay-Per-Post system with no commitments, contracts, or hidden fees. Unlimited Job Posting plans are available to manage any business location effectively and efficiently. WyckWyre also creates customized career websites with its Branded Solutions, all of which are powered by the WyckWyre applicant assessment and processing system. These product offerings enable the restaurateur to hire only qualified applicants in up to 75 percent less time. By providing a wide variety of job descriptions, it is fast and easy to customize in order to meet one’s restaurant or hospitality needs.

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