Restaurant Revolution Technologies (Revolution) is making it easier to order food directly through Google Search and Google Maps. Through Revolution’s innovative digital ordering platform, Order One, supported restaurants will soon see an “Order Online” button appear on their Business Profile on Google.

“Digital food ordering is virtually all about convenience. With Google the ordering process is simplified, and together we provide a greater level of convenience for customers and additional ordering opportunities for our restaurant partners,” says Revolution Chief Revenue Officer, Robert Taylor. “With restaurant partners being able to accept orders easily on Google, restaurants can extend their reach with customers and give users alternatives to engage directly with the restaurants.”

Jason’s Deli is the first Revolution partner available to order directly from Google Search and Google Maps. Orders received from Google leverage Revolution’s Order One patented point of sale (POS) integration, so orders will flow directly into the restaurants’ POS. Additionally, delivery orders on Google will trigger Order One’s Ground Control delivery enablement feature, allowing restaurants to fulfill orders with their own fleet or through one of Revolution’s delivery partners.

“Google’s direct ordering feature as part of our customer experience optimizes online ordering opportunities for our restaurant operations and also dramatically improves convenience for our customers,” says Amy Schuster, Director of IT of Jason’s Deli.

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