R.F. Technologies, Inc. announced today that it would be featured in an upcoming episode of Business Update.

R.F. Technologies, Inc. helps quick-service restaurants increase their intelligence about their drive-thru performance. R.F. Technologies is a one-stop headquarters for drive-thru, surveillance, and point-of-sale needs.  

This particular episode will focus on exciting new technologies in the foodservice industry. From futuristic barbecue smokers to the latest in wireless headset communications, Business Update audiences will be treated to the latest advancements the culinary world has to offer.

Business Update asked us to contribute our expertise by providing insight to the QSR industry, specifically drive-thru operations,”  says Bob Noorian, founder and CEO. “Our objective is to educate the general public, as well as current and future restaurant owners considering adding drive-thru convenience to their customer base. 

“Drive-thru operations alone contribute up to 70 percent of overall revenue for QSR locations. Relaying the ins and outs of the many processes involved from order placement, payment, and delivery of food items. We are honored to contribute to the perpetual education of drive-thru technology, and understanding operations as a whole.”

“Learning about R.F. Technologies, Inc. was an eye-opening experience for me,” says Charles Cowan, producer for the series. “Viewers are going to be amazed with how much goes into a drive-thru communication system for a quick service restaurant.”

This particular segment will focus on how R.F. Technologies, Inc. is helping establishments increase profitability with a better drive-thru system. Viewers will be taken behind-the-scenes of the quick-service restaurants that are utilizing the technology on a daily basis.

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