The 108 franchisees of Los Angeles, California-based Robeks Premium Fruit Smoothies began utilizing Silvercrest Advertising’s state-of-the-art Localized Media Automation Platform (LMAP) to create personalized, geo-targeted advertising tactics.

Silvercrest’s proprietary LMAP is an intuitive, user-friendly system that enables Robeks’ franchisees to tailor advertising campaigns to their respective customer demographics and geographic areas, while keeping within a pre-determined budget. Each franchisee is provided with a login to the Robeks portal on Silvercrest’s website, which allows them access to franchisor-generated promotional offers and pre-approved, four-color door hanger and solo mail piece templates.  
With a few simple keystrokes, the franchisees can customize the pieces with their street address, the offer(s) they’d like to extend to their customer base and the offer expiration dates; submit the personalized pieces for final production; and provide online payment for all services rendered.
“After our demo of LMAP, we couldn’t wait to roll this product out to our franchisees,” says Chad Bailey, chief marketing officer for Robeks. “Silvercrest Advertising is extremely knowledgeable about media buying and planning, and is a clear leader in the local store marketing and automation arena. Their cutting-edge technology is easy to use, straightforward, and completely customizable. When asked, Silvercrest personalized features of the software that weren’t originally available without hesitation. Our relationship with Silvercrest Advertising is one we intend to maintain for years to come.”
“We are thrilled to offer our LMAP services to Robeks Premium Fruit Smoothies and anticipate great results from this collaborative venture,” adds William Rodriguez, Silvercrest co-founder, who recently completed extensive LMAP training for Robeks’ franchisees. “As a company with 108 sites in 15 states and Japan, and plans to expand to well over 500 locations worldwide, the timing couldn’t be better for Robeks to implement such a strategic, measurable advertising platform for their franchisees. We’re pleased to help them drive new customers into their stores, and give current guests a reason to visit them again.”
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