The new food processor from Robot Coupe, the R402 Combination Food Processor, will prepare 800 vegetable servings in 2.5 hours.

Operators can count on getting precise cuts each and every time in just a matter of seconds.

With 21 different processing discs available, including dice and french fry cuts, it performs a multitude of tasks quickly and efficiently. Its 4.5-quart stainless bowl unit will handle all vertical cutting and mixing functions—including mix, chop, puree, and blend—in the bowl unit. 

Also available is the Cuisine Kit attachment used to prepare sauces, make hot or cold soups, prepare fruit coulis, and develop unique ice creams/sorbets, smoothies, and jams. 

The Cuisine Kits juicer attachment will produce juices for fruits (citrus fruits) and vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, ginger, etc.) quickly and easily. 

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