Salad Creations is kicking off the summer season with the launch of the Summer Taste Tour. The Summer Taste Tour includes a Bang’n BBQ Chicken Salad with new Smoky Jalapeño Ranch dressing, a Salmon Cobb Salad, and a crisp Salmon Panini. Available at all participating Salad Creations restaurants across the country, the Summer Taste Tour menu runs until October 31, 2010.

“At Salad Creations, we’ve built our reputation on fresh, seasonal ingredients that pack intense flavor into our salads, wraps, and paninis,” says Jeff Levine, founder and CEO of Salad Creations. “Our new Summer Taste Tour is all about taking our guest’s taste buds on a tour of flavors and peeling back another layer of the onion of fresh alternatives to traditional fast foods.”

The Summer Taste Tour includes:

Bang’n BBQ Chicken Salad – blends spring mix lettuce, tomatoes, corn, grilled chicken, barbecue sauce and a new Smoky Jalapeño Ranch dressing.

Salmon Cobb Salad – tosses spring mix lettuce, wild Alaska salmon, bacon, tomato, black olives, blue cheese, cucumbers, avocado, and Creamy Gorgonzola vinaigrette.

Salmon Panini – combines wild Alaska salmon, tomato, cucumber, onion, and fat-free Honey Dijon dressing.

“At Salad Creations, we empower our guests with the flexibility to make the best possible choice to fit their lifestyle,” Levine says. “Now with our Summer Taste Tour, our guests have that same flexibility in choosing the fun, bold, and intense flavors we typically associate with the long, easy days of summer.”

Each Salad Creations restaurant features more than 40 ingredients to choose from including vegetables, fruits, cheeses, sliced meats, grilled chicken, and salmon, and more than 15 designer salad dressings, among others.

Specially trained salad chefs prepare each customer’s order and, if asked, can help match particular tastes to customize the salad experience. All salads can be either tossed or chopped and are available in two sizes – the “Full Creation,” which includes unlimited throw-ins, or the “Junior Creation” for those seeking value at a lower price point. In addition to the “Create Your Own Salad” option, Salad Creations offers more than 10 featured salads, a variety of daily soup specials, fresh wraps, and paninis.

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