As part of McDonald’s ongoing dedication to children’s nutrition and well being, San Diego County McDonald’s restaurants are joining with the California Milk Advisory Board to highlight the certified, 100-percent Grade A milk sourced exclusively from California dairies available in the San Diego restaurants’ Happy Meal milk jugs.

The promotion—an extension of McDonald’s “Commitments to Offer Improved Nutrition Choices,” which aims to make nutritious choices convenient and accessible—will highlight the wholesome beverage option through point-of-sale materials at 111 San Diego McDonald’s locations and by featuring the Real California Milk seal on 8-ounce milk jugs sold in San Diego County.

The partnership also includes distribution of 1.6 million milk coupons for customers to save $0.55 off Real California Milk at grocery stores or other retailers. The milk coupons will be distributed in the restaurants and through direct mail to San Diego County residents.

“We’re proud of the wholesome options we provide to our customers and their families, and McDonald’s is continually looking for ways to increase our customers’ access to fruit, vegetables or low-fat dairy,” says Bob Sutherland, president of the San Diego County McDonald’s Owner/Operator Association. “By partnering with California dairy producers to help educate our customers on the quality options available on our menu, we can help families and children make informed choices in keeping with balanced lifestyles.”

“California dairy producers are dedicated to making wholesome food and beverage options available to families at every eating occasion,” says John Talbot, CEO of the California Milk Advisory Board. “This partnership gives consumers access to nutrient-rich milk from California farms when they eat out and shop for home.”

The Real California Milk seal means a dairy product is made with 100 percent California milk from one of California’s more than 1,500 dairy farm families. Ninety-nine percent of California dairies are family owned.

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