Seattle Coffee Company, an AFC Enterprises company, announced June 5 that Birmingham, Alabama-based Wall Street Deli has just started serving Seattle’s Best Coffee (SBC) throughout its 120-unit chain.

“We feel that our customers are more specific in their choice of true quality restaurants,” said Monty Bridgewater, director of purchasing, Wall Street Deli. “To meet our customers’ needs, we found the best in quality gourmet coffee with Seattle’s Best.”

Each deli has started serving several blends of Seattle’s Best Coffee, as well as flavored coffees. While the majority of units will serve drip coffee, a dozen will offer a variety of specialty coffee beverages. “Studies have shown that the bold flavor of our coffee is the perfect compliment to Wall Street Deli,” said Tom Reid, SBC National Sales Manager. “We were able to select coffee blends to naturally accompany their menu.”

Wall Street Deli operates a nationwide chain of quick-service, delicatessen style restaurants in 19 major markets. Most of the restaurants are located in large suburban and downtown office buildings and are designed to serve the population in and around those buildings. Recent growth has come through hospitals, large metropolitan malls, and airport locations.

The breakfast menu focuses on fresh baked muffins, bagels, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and other Danish and breakfast-type items. All are ideal complements of specialty coffee. The lunch menu offers an extensive line of specialty sandwiches, soups, salads, wraps and other items. “With the in-store branding image of Seattle’s Best Coffee, we feel that Wall Street Deli is now a coffee destination along with our breakfast, lunch and altering menus.”

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