Sip Fresh, an innovative, handcrafted juice and beverage concept, has announced the launch of its franchise opportunity with plans for expansion across the U.S., with an initial focus on the Western and Southwestern states. The visually-enticing, high-quality beverage brand offers franchisees a deliciously refreshing consumer concept partnered with an equally appealing efficient business model, easy to manage, streamlined processes with minimal staffing requirements in an industry valued at $146 billion in U.S. revenue.

Sip Fresh was developed with the goal to bring innovation to the quick-service beverage industry. With leadership that brings extensive franchising, marketing and operations experience to the fore, the business is designed to provide franchisees with an operation that fits their needs.

“As a multi-unit franchisee for decades, my focus at Sip Fresh is to incorporate the key elements needed to run a successful business from the franchisee’s standpoint,” says Sharon Arthofer, Sip Fresh founder and 27-year franchise industry veteran. “We have designed a business model that provides strong consumer traffic with manageable labor, highly streamlined operations to maximize profitability. Our goal is for our franchisees to succeed in this new space; prioritizing seamless processes in order to service more guests and establish a loyal following in their community.”

With eye-catching storefronts and beautifully-displayed juice barrels, guests are instantly attracted to the Sip Fresh stores. Engaging guests and drawing foot traffic by displaying the high-quality drinks is a priority. In addition, creating a drink menu that can span across ages, demographics and dayparts is also critical. 

With an array of colorful and delicious offerings that guests can choose from, the menu has a fresh fruit juice offering for every palate. Guests are guided to find their perfect drink through sampling and the expertise of the ‘Sipistas’ at the store. Guests can choose from the delightful Sip Fresh menu items which include Fresh Sips, Tropical Sips, Shakin’ Tea Sips, Smoothie Sips, and Cha Cha Chamoy®. Fun drinks like the Mango Tango, Strawberry Mojito and Cha Cha Chamoy are some of the fan favorites on the menu.  

“The idea behind Sip Fresh is simple: create fresh, eye-stopping, delicious drinks that provide an unforgettable experience for one and all,” says Michelle Chino, VP of Marketing at Sip Fresh. “Our stores offer a fun, interactive experience which the whole family can enjoy. Sip Fresh creations were made for a new era in the beverage industry and are social media, Instagram-worthy favorites! We pride ourselves in the quality products we craft and the fun we serve up at each of our locations.” 

Comprehensive training, ongoing marketing efforts and brand support is offered to all franchise owners and management. To ensure a dedicated and informed workforce, an up-to-date learning management system is in place for leadership and employee training at the store level. Sip Fresh franchisees are given essential resources and support to foster their growth and success within each stage of the franchising process; from initial planning, to the store opening and throughout the life of the business.

Sip Fresh is currently seeking new franchisees to join their burgeoning brand. In terms of fiscal requirements, the initial franchise investment ranges from $212,730-$377,630, with a 6% royalty and marketing fee and 2% brand fund fee. At this time, the flagship Sip Fresh location averages approximately 80% gross margins and roughly 20% year-over-year growth.

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