Slapfish, a modern seafood franchise serving up bold, crave-worthy dishes—and redefining the seafood and restaurant industry—refreshes its partnership with Sea to Table, offering wild-caught, high quality seafood. Through the continued partnership, Slapfish diversifies its menu offerings, introducing three unique new species that are wild, domestic, and fully traceable back to the point of landing. A pioneer in the restaurant industry, Slapfish is redefining the market by serving well-managed seafood in a fast casual setting.

Slapfish is dedicated to responsible sourcing and well-managed seafood practices. With three new fish selections launching on the menu, customers can diversify their dining choices, incorporating underutilized, well-managed seafood sent directly from the dock to their plates. Thanks to Sea to Table, non-frozen fish are shipped overnight to the restaurant, directly from the dock where fishermen land and unload their catch. Frozen fish, on the other hand, are caught, processed, packed to order, and sent directly to the restaurant, never touched by hormones, GMOs or antibiotics. Whether freshly caught or frozen, guests have the peace of mind knowing where their seafood comes from.

Slapfish features a seasonally rotating menu and a daily changing seafood board, with exciting new species incorporated into build-your-own bowls, salads, sandwiches, and tacos. Through its partnership with Sea to Table, the brand now offers three new lesser-known fish, including:

Wild Chesapeake Blue Catfish

Landed in Suffolk, VA and Crisfield, MD, this fish has a mild and sweet flavor, and is the best sustainable alternative for imported farmed Catfish.

Acadian Redfish

Caught in the Gulf of Maine and landed in New Bedford, MA, this fish boasts a mild, delicate taste and a flaky, moist texture. Acadian Redfish is a sustainable alternative for farmed, imported tilapia.

Pacific Dover Sole

Landed in Astoria, OR and Bellingham, WA, this fish is mild tasting and versatile, a perfect wild alternative to farmed tilapia.

“There is a bounty of high quality, well-managed seafood right off our own coastline – arguably the best seafood in the world, yet only a small percentage of it ends up on our plates,” says Chef Andrew Gruel, founder and CEO of Slapfish. “We’re working to change this statistic, in collaboration with Sea to Table, raising awareness of responsible seafood practices. Our menu is developed around the model of ‘choose the dish, not the fish’, and through this partnership, we’re able to diversify our offerings and and introduce guests to lesser-known fish, while offering the highest quality seafood.”

The U.S. has more sovereign fishing territory than any other country on Earth, including some of the best fisheries. Despite the plethora of high quality domestic seafood, 90 percent of the seafood consumed by Americans is imported from overseas, and half of it is farm raised. Sea to Table celebrates and respects the U.S. oceans, and through partnerships with restaurants such as Slapfish, offers a diverse selection of American seafood.

“Our mission is to create a new gold-standard for seafood, and we do this by partnering with top chefs including Chef Gruel,” adds Sean Dimin, co-founder of Sea to Table. “By delivering our domestic, wild-caught, traceable seafood directly to Slapfish restaurants, guests enjoy the highest quality seafood year-round.”

Founded by Chef Gruel in 2011, Slapfish started as a food truck and quickly grew into eight brick-and-mortar locations, with plans to open up to 75 locations by 2020. Gruel is on a mission to bring real American seafood to the masses, redefined with simple flavors and a healthy smack of gourmet. Offering the quality of fine dining with the cost and convenience of faster food, the brand brings a new perspective on “boat to plate dining” by serving fish and shellfish sourced from well-managed, responsible suppliers of American seafood.

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