Earlier this year, Slim Chickens gave in to consumer demand, making its cheesy, creamy, 100% all natural chicken-tender-topped Mac Bowls a permanent menu item rather than a limited time offer. Now, the Tender Mac Bowl and Buffalo Tender Mac Bowl are entering the spotlight as the perfect holiday season comfort meals. 

“Slim Chickens’ Mac Bowls are made for comfort season,” says Chris Allison, chief marketing officer for Slim Chickens. “The combination of rich, cheesy, creamy mac and cheese and crispy, buttermilk-marinated chicken tenders pairs two classic favorites in one delicious bowl, offering a convenient meal that feels like ‘home.’” 

Slim Chickens’ Mac Bowls use a base of its famous mac and cheese recipe before topping the meal with hand-breaded tenders and a shredded three-cheese blend of Cheddar, Colby Jack and Aged Parmesan. 

The Tender Mac Bowl offers this classic combination, but for guests looking to spice up their holiday season, Slim Chickens is also offering a Buffalo Tender Mac Bowl. Using the same delicious base as the traditional Mac Bowl, the Buffalo Tender Mac Bowl elevates a sought-after classic with crispy fried onions, scallions and a drizzle of both Hot Buffalo Sauce and Cayenne Ranch Sauce. 

That’s not all, though. Slim Chickens has more to share! This year, you can get a Holiday Pack, which includes 16 fresh, hand-breaded chicken tenders, six signature sauces, two large sides and four slices of Texas toast. This allows you to bring Slims home for the perfect lunch or dinner, fresh and ready for four to five people to dig into. For even bigger parties, Slim Chickens’ catering trays are the perfect solution. With tender and wing trays, signature sides, chocolate chip brownies and convenient boxed lunches, Slim Chickens catering can fuel a group of four to a crowd of 400. 

Slims fans are also getting a sweet treat this holiday season with holiday Jar Desserts and Cranberry Lemonade, both available for a limited time only. Jar Desserts layer bites of classic cheesecake with OREO cookies or Reese’s peanut butter cup pieces between layers of sweet whipped cream. Indulge in a sweet and tart Cranberry Lemonade alongside your Jar Dessert for the perfect finish to a holiday meal. What feels more festive than a refreshing lemonade, complete with the flavor of tart cranberry, after a delicious comfort meal? 

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