There is a unique type of coffee brewing in Pueblo, Colorado, that combines the energy efficiency of a solar-powered roasting technology and a proprietary new roasting technique called Solar Aroma Roasting.

These are the elements behind the demand to take Solar Roast Coffee into the franchise world and make its business model available to enterprising entrepreneurs nationwide.

Solar Roast Coffee officially launched its national franchise program on January 9, 2013, unveiling its plans and unique solar-powered roasting opportunity to top franchise brokers around the country.

The story behind Solar Roast Coffee is now being rolled out to brokers and prospective franchisees throughout North America. Solar Roast Coffee has joined forces with Colorado Franchise Group and Arizona-based FG360 to develop its franchise brand and broker the franchise.

FG360 is known for taking Massage Envy and many other nationally recognized franchise concepts to national saturation and international expansion.

Colorado Franchise Group sales director Don Carpenter is excited about this brand because of its patent-pending green technology and turnkey opportunity.

“Solar Roast Coffee has all the best ingredients of a brand you want to invest in: The store footprint and floor-plan flexibility, with or without drive-thru, allows Solar Roast placements ranging from strip mall locations to free-standing buildings,” Carpenter says. “FG360 offers special military financing, 401k conversions, and other creative financing programs for people that would like to control their destiny and own their own green technology business.”

The franchise options are for master territories, as well as individual locations nationwide.

Solar Roast Coffee has been roasting coffee with solar power since 2004, carefully developing its patent-pending Solar Aroma Roast technique.

The Solar Roast Coffee brand has a green, sustainable approach to roasting coffee beans to save energy while helping the Pueblo, Colorado–based company achieve carbon-neutral status.

The big differential of solar roasting has been the development of its technique called Solar Aroma Roasting. Because a flame never touches the beans, the flavor of its coffee is smooth.

"Our coffee uses a proprietary roasting technique that assures that the beans’ natural taste and unique flavor shines through,” says Mike Hartkop, master roaster of Solar Roast Coffee. “Other roasting techniques create a distinct and even burnt flavor that we find not as enjoyable. Our Solar Aroma Roasting technique delivers smoother, tastier coffee batch after batch.

“At Solar Roast Coffee, we combine our special roasting technique with small-batch roasting process for maximum flavor,” he adds. “The secret to our success is actually many secrets. From our proprietary roasting process to our health-conscious menu, Solar Roast Coffee provides the best cup of coffee, superior service, and a terrific business opportunity.”


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