Starbucks Coffee Company introduced Vivanno Nourishing Blends, which are available Tuesday, July 15, at Starbucks stores across the U.S. and Canada. Developed with a nutritional goal in mind, the Orange Mango Banana and Banana Chocolate flavored beverages provide at least one serving of fruit, 16 grams of protein, and 5 grams of fiber with 270 calories or less and no artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or high fructose corn syrup (nutrition based on 16 fluid ounces).

The ingredient list for both beverages includes:

• one whole banana,

• a proprietary whey protein and fiber powder,

• choice of milk,

• and ice (in the Orange Mango Banana Blend, Naked Juice is also added).

“Our customers have told us they’re looking for overall well-being in their lives and healthier options are part of that. We feel the simple, transparent ingredient list and the functional nutrition of Vivanno meet this need,” says Katie Thomson, registered dietitian and senior nutritionist, Starbucks Coffee Company. “We developed this beverage to help our customers get through their busy days by creating a proprietary whey protein and fiber powder that delivers the sustaining nourishment they’re looking for without interfering with the great taste.”

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