Private Label Radio (PLR), a division of DMI Music & Media Solutions, launched SUBWAY(R) RADIO, an exclusive in-store radio network. The program is currently installed in 30 states nationwide.

SUBWAY(R) RADIO comprises a unique blend of targeted branding, music and messaging customized exclusively for SUBWAY(R) restaurants. Through its proprietary Integrated Content System (ICS), and its extensive stable of music industry experts and music branding strategists, PLR worked with SUBWAY(R) restaurants to create programming that features an extensive playlist of hand-selected music, screened to ensure appropriate content and consistency with the SUBWAY(R) lifestyle. The music is punctuated by commercials from SUBWAY(R) restaurant’s national ad campaigns and messaging that highlights current in-store promotions, regional events, upsell items and store services such as catering.

SUBWAY(R) RADIO is distributed via the internet and downloaded automatically in each store location. The system requires no operation or adjustments by restaurant owners or employees. The package begin its initial rollout in Los Angeles in February 2006, and quickly grew to more than 350 locations in Southern California.

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