SweetFrog Frozen Yogurt is proving its status as a dessert industry pioneer by creating its own proprietary soft serve ice cream products.

Heading into fall, sweetFrog is building on the phenomenal success of this summer’s Dole Whip introduction and promotion with brand new sweetFrog Soft Serve Ice Cream flavors. SweetFrog’s proprietary Soft Serve Ice Cream was born out of the company’s desire to create an even better, more flavorful soft serve experience designed with families in mind.

The results are a heartier vanilla, a delicious reminder of the old fashioned soft serve of days gone by, and a decadent chocolate, combining a darker, richer taste for adults, with sweet milk chocolate for the kids.  Both flavors are available now at participating sweetFrog locations.

SweetFrog’s CEO, Patrick Galleher, is thrilled with the results and says the final products are the culmination of months of careful planning and testing.

“We firmly believed we had to bring the entire ice cream making process in house to create a better soft serve ice cream product,” says Galleher.  “After diligent research and testing, sweetFrog Soft Serve Ice Cream possesses just the right flavor, texture, and finish our guests crave. It also has a lower fat content than other soft serve ice cream options—something that was very important to us.  And because the new ice cream products are made by sweetFrog, our guests are assured of the same quality and consistency at all participating sweetFrog stores.”

Galleher also said that this is the perfect time for sweetFrog to jump into the ice cream game as the industry is expected to grow 4.8 percent CAGR for the next five years, reaching $89 billion by 2022.

A testament to the company’s commitment to quality, sweetFrog didn’t cut any corners in their search for authentic and true soft serve ice cream flavors.   SweetFrog’s vanilla and chocolate ice cream are both made from fresh milk, real cream, and sugar.  Naturally, the chocolate also contains cocoa.

SweetFrog’s Direct of Product Development, Philip Hipsky, says the company evaluated quality and flavor with blind taste testing panels before revealing the proprietary Soft Serve Ice Cream in stores.

“We conducted a series of blind taste tests with unbiased sample groups to ensure our proprietary ice cream products met sweetFrog quality and flavor standards,” says Hipsky. “The results were fantastic. SweetFrog’s vanilla and chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream beat out four other top-quality brands in both taste and texture.  We’re confident these flavors will quickly become fan favorites in stores nationwide.”

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