After combing through nearly 10,000 entries, Taco Bell announced the winners of its Share Your Sauce Wisdom contest. Sixteen folks from around the country will have their “words of wisdom” published on the nearly five billion sauce packets distributed to Taco Bell restaurants and customers each year. Each winner also will receive a one-year supply of free food.

The twelve new sayings will debut on sauce packets nationwide beginning November 15.

“We appreciate our customers’ unique wisdom, and this contest allowed us to provide an outlet for them to share insights on everyday life and Taco Bell,” said Greg Creed, chief marketing officer for Taco Bell. “Although it was a difficult choice, we selected the entries that we knew would make our customers stop, think, and smile whenever they picked up a sauce packet.”

The contest, which ran from May 19 through June 18, was an open call for sauce wisdoms providing a humorous look at reality through the eyes of the Taco Bell brand. Messages needed to be simple, unexpected, and provide insight on the little things in life. Entries were judged according to humor, originality, length, and suitability of use.

The winning entries:

  1. Bike tires scare me
  2. Hello
  3. I M A HOT T R U 2?
  4. I’m in good hands now
  5. It’s okay, you can say it. I love you too.
  6. Mmmmmmm….Sauce
  7. My sauce is an honor student at Taco Middle School
  8. Not to be used as a flotation device
  9. Pick me! Pick me!
  10. When I grow up I want to be a waterbed
  11. Where are you taking me?
  12. You had me at taco
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