During the holiday season, nothing is in higher demand than tamales, the beloved Mexican culinary tradition. This season, Taco Bueno is serving up tamales for a limited time and in more ways than one.

America’s favorite Mexican chain is heating up the holidays with their 3-Tamale Platter with three pork tamales, rice and beans for $5.99; the Tamale Sampler Platter with one pork tamale, one beef taco, one beef enchilada, rice and beans for $5.99; a 3-pack of tamales with Chili sauce side for $3.79 or delicious individual tamales for $.99 each.

Tamales date back several centuries to the time of the Aztecs in Mexico. Making them became a family affair in Latino families. Though eaten throughout the year, tamales evolved into a Christmas Eve tradition, especially in the Southwest part of the United States. Over the last two decades, their popularity has grown significantly among the Anglo population. For many people, Christmas and tamales go together – you can’t have one without the other.

Sarah Beddoe, chief marketing officer at Taco Bueno, says, “For more than 50 years, we have been in the business of boosting our Tex-Mex tastes and traditions to new levels. Each year, when we bring back tamales, we love the response from both our tried-and-true Buenoheads as well as our new guests who are experiencing Taco Bueno for the first time.”

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