Tidel, a world-leading manufacturer of cash management systems and robbery deterrent products, has offered cash management solutions for the quick-serve restaurant market for several years. Since its debut, Tidel has simplified cash management for various restaurant chains, including McDonald's, IHOP, Taco Bell, Wendy's, El Pollo Loco, and many others.

Tidel not only caters to large corporate chains but also serves thousands of individual franchisees. With innovative features across its product portfolio, Tidel helps quick-serve restaurants with their cash deposits, change management, reporting, and deposit preparation. With automated cash management, Tidel ensures a more efficient and safer work environment by minimizing cash exposure.  A streamlined cash management process also allows store managers to focus on more productive activities, such as training employees and providing impeccable customer service.

"The quick-serve industry has long been a part of our heritage," says David Barclay, director of global marketing, Tidel. "The restaurant industry deals with a great amount of cash transactions and exposure to theft on a daily basis. Throughout our history, we have developed a broad set of solutions to help our customers not only secure their cash but leverage it in such a way that it works for them, leading to greater efficiencies and higher profits."

The Tidel portfolio, including its Series 4 and supported peripherals, provide the convenience and flexibility needed in a dynamic, fast-paced environment—a common characteristic of the quick-serve restaurant industry. Also, Tidel's ISO 9001:2008 designation, which is unique to the smart safe industry, ensures that Tidel customers are deploying solutions backed by outstanding quality and workmanship. Looking to the future, Tidel remains committed to advancing its broad portfolio of solutions its customers and partners depend on to address the rapidly growing cash management market. 

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