What if you could change your life in just 21 days? Professional athlete Tim Tebow is teaming up with CoreLife Eatery, an active lifestyle restaurant offering a variety of greens, grains and broth-based dishes, to do exactly that. Tebow is taking the CoreLife Challenge—and he wants you to join him.

The CoreLife Challenge is a 21-day food revolution where CoreLife Eatery, a brand that’s built around clean eating and promoting overall wellness, encourages you to take control of your health. CoreLife Eatery co-founder Todd Mansfield, who spent decades practicing physical therapy and functional medicine and is trained in nutrition, designed the challenge to provide simple guidelines to improve health and performance. During these 21 days, you’ll get recharged, refueled, and embark on your personal journey towards living a healthier lifestyle and becoming the healthiest version of yourself. The challenge begins on Wednesday, January 16th, and participants will receive daily emails with helpful tips and special offers to help them stay motivated and on track! Visit CoreLife Eatery’s website to register by January 14.

“For our best performance, we need the very best food,” Tim Tebow, CoreLife Eatery enthusiast, says. “CoreLife Eatery provides the top quality fuel your body needs to detox, refuel and begin 2019 by getting on the path toward being a healthier you.” 

CoreLife Eatery brings together scratch cooking with flavorful source ingredients and a fast, casual service line for a healthy, affordable and delicious eating alternative. CoreLife Eatery offers a wide variety of fresh ingredients that are transformed into custom-created dishes. All foods are free of trans fats, artificial colors, sweeteners, other artificial additives and GMOs. Creating a menu that tastes great because it is healthy is the secret to CoreLife Eatery’s success.

The CoreLife Eatery executive team, led by CEO Larry Wilson, brings years of franchising experience and success to guide the growth of the brand and provide more communities access to healthy and affordable eating alternatives. CoreLife Eatery currently has restaurants operating in 11 states and is preparing to open its 50th eatery in January 2019. The brand has aggressive plans to expand to 300 locations, including both corporate and franchised restaurants, nationwide over the next five years.

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