Togo’s, a neighborhood eatery that originated in Northern California, recently
introduced a new quality initiative in its California stores to catapult sandwich
taste to new heights. On a mission to deliver authentic taste in every bite, Togo’s
introduced a new line of breads, meats, and cheeses to maximize taste for its

Togo’s new breads are available in Togo’s stores throughout California as of this week. The new meats and cheeses are currently available in Northern California and will be available in Southern California during the week of May 12th.

Togo’s partnered with Specialty Baking, a dedicated bakery that has worked with the brand for almost 30 years, to develop four new kinds of bread — Wheat, Rustic White, Parmesan White and Onion Herb. The bakery hand forms and bakes each loaf of bread every morning before delivering it to Togo’s California stores. This is a Togo’s tradition that began almost three decades ago.

“Everyone seems to be touting bread lately,” said Mark Richardson, vice president of Togo’s. “Our exclusive bakery, Specialty Baking, has been hand-forming our bread and baking it every morning for years. We just haven’t talked it up. We assessed all of the other options for bread, like ordering frozen loaves and finishing them in small ovens in our stores, but that wasn’t real enough for us. It’s important to us that our sandwiches are made with authentic bakery bread.”

With the addition of the four new flavors, Togo’s bread line up consists

  • Wheat — a cracked wheat bread brushed with oats and a dash of honey
  • Rustic White — a white peasant bread with a blend of olive oil, salt, and
    a slight brush of flour for a light taste and airy texture
  • Parmesan White — a white bread covered in real Parmesan shreds and a sprinkle
    of Romano
  • Onion Herb — a white bread rolled in a mixture of toasted onions and traced
    with rosemary and basil
  • Classic White — a classic Italian bread that is soft and supple with a
    delicate flavor

As a part of its quality push, Togo’s also added superior turkey, mortadella,
capicolla and pastrami, using new slicing techniques with some of the meats
to bring out the natural flavors. The eatery also introduced better versions
of some essential ingredients — such as its cheddar, provolone, Swiss, parmesan
and American cheeses — to enhance flavor.

“We are fixated on distinctive taste,” said Drew Tyriver, manager of product
development for Togo’s. “Our customers have high expectations for Togo’s.
Our goal is to exceed them.”

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