Toppers Pizza announced the appointment of Tina Revell as their new Director of E-Commerce. Revell started with the company in June 2019 during their annual convention and has a strong background leading brands in digital innovation and e-commerce.

Toppers Pizza has always focused on doing things differently, anticipating the trends of future pizza lovers. The company has invested in the proprietary PIZMET digital platform to drive their online and digital presence into the next decade, and Revell has been tasked with guiding that mission. Her first priority will be the transfer to the PIZMET platform in addition to creating stronger upsells, coupons and features for the Toppers Pizza customer.

“Giving our customers what they want is one of our core values and something that the entire team strives to live up to every day,” says Revell. “Digital is the heart of what our customers are doing every day and the PIZMET digital platform will guide how we speak to them (digitally) and the way we employ our e-commerce strategy,” said Revell.

Revell, a University of Wisconsin-Madison alum most recently worked with Foot Locker as Senior Manager of Digital Optimization and Personalization. Revell has focused on digital merchandising in the retail space for more than a decade, with stops at Shopko and RetailMeNot and experience studying and working overseas in both the United Kingdom and China before joining the Toppers Pizza team.

“I’m looking forward to trying something new after working in the retail industry and bringing that same user experience into the food space,” adds Revell. “There is a great opportunity to touch a lot of different areas of the business with room for growth; it’s a unique culture and there is a lot of support,”

Revell will be revamping the user experience, ensuring strong digital touchpoints for Toppers Pizza customers and will also be focusing on launching the company’s loyalty program as well as looking to ways that the brand can disrupt the food industry.

“The food industry is a very established industry and didn’t have strong digital presence until more recently. Today, a digital presence is the expectation of the customer,” says Revell. “We need to figure out what the next big thing is, and get ahead of the trends in order to continue delivering for our customers. It’s exciting to be a part of determining how to drive that forward and determine the next digital phase for Toppers.”

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