Unified Brands, a leading manufacturer of foodservice equipment, has released a new Randell panini station designed to help today’s kitchens improve safety while producing more consistent, better quality sandwiches. Unified Brands demonstrated the new cooking solution last month at the 2017 National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) show in Chicago.

“Unified Brands’ complete line of Randell commercial cooking equipment is designed to help foodservice professionals do more than ever to expand menus with more appealing choices,” says Art Delorenzo, senior product line director of refrigeration for Unified Brands. “Our latest addition to the product line makes it easy for kitchens to serve perfectly prepared paninis that will keep customers coming back.”

The new panini station provides a variety of benefits, including the following:

  • Better food quality: The unit’s heated platform is designed to maintain food temperature and provide customers with warmer sandwiches.
  • Less waste: The FX precision holding drawer system allows operators to control temperatures from -4 to 40 degrees with only a 2-degree fluctuation, resulting in less food product being thrown away due to improper holding temperature.
  • Fewer safety concerns:The wrapped wall refrigerated condiment rail is sized for 1/3- or 1/6-size pans and holds condiments at NSF 7-approved temperatures. The heated platform is built on a hinge system, allowing easy access to the rail below and providing kitchen staff a less strenuous way to transfer pans. The FX system is designed to handle the pace of a high heat work space, while holding product at a safe temperature.