Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation, in cooperation with the online restaurant commissary The Virtual Warehouse Inc. (VRTW), researched numerous mobile kitchen manufacturers before deciding to team with All A Cart Manufacturing Inc. of Columbus, Ohio. VRTW contracted with All A Cart on July 11, 2008, to produce 30 18- foot step van mobile kitchens. Each unit was custom designed by James C. Vowler, president and CEO of UPZS, and Rick Proctor of All A Cart. Mr. Jim Vowler believes, “These units will expedite the growth of the UPZS franchising efforts and customer service.”

States Jeffrey J. Morris, president of All A Cart Manufacturing Inc., “We are proud to announce a strategic alliance with The Virtual Warehouse Inc. which is the commissary for Unique Pizza and Subs Corp. Everyone at All A Cart is excited to be working with clients that understand our vision of many years which makes optimal use of our mobile profit centers. This initial order of thirty custom vending units, we believe, is the start of a powerful, profitable relationship that will lead to a long and prosperous future for all of our companies.” States UPZS VP and General Manager William J. Vowler, “This addition of high quality custom made mobile kitchens allows UPZS franchisees to open for business as soon as the franchisee decides to be part of the UPZS family, settles on an available area, and receives delivery. UPZS is extremely excited to be working with All A Cart and believes it will be very beneficial for all future franchisees and our loyal shareholders.”

All A Cart has manufactured custom vending units and mobile profit centers in the form of carts, trailers, cars, trucks, and kiosks since 1972. Their roster of clients include Starbucks Corp., McDonald’s Corp., and Pizza Hut of YUM Brands Inc.