Syrus Restaurant Information Services, a provider in fully integrated restaurant back-office and above-store reporting systems, was selected by DavCo Restaurants, a 156-store Wendy’s franchise organization, to provide its complete Web-based system of food, labor, and sales reporting, data management, and back-office tools.

“DavCo is using Syrus’ innovative technology to automate the business and use the accurate reporting to be more effective in our decision making,” says Rick Borchers, chief operating officer of DavCo. Inc. “Within minutes, I can access consolidated, accurate reports on all 156 stores. It used to take weeks to compile, research, and massage the data. At times we resorted to guesswork, but no longer with Syrus. With Syrus’ unique business model of technology and people to handle the data management, we determined that Syrus was not just a vendor, but would be our business partner. We can see that they’re focused on getting all the information we need to control costs and grow sales, and showing us a return on our investment.”

“We are excited to have one of the leading organizations in the [quick-service] industry as a partner,” says Syrus president Jim Karam. “From DavCo’s executive leadership on down, I have been extremely impressed with how their entire organization has embraced our services and applications, and I am very much looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with their team.”

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