Wendy’s International, Inc. (NYSE:WEN)
reached an important milestone with the opening of its 6,000th Wendy’s® restaurant, located in
Tijuana, Mexico.

“We are celebrating a very significant achievement in Wendy’s 32-year history,” said Jack Schuessler,
chairman and CEO. “For all of us in the Wendy’s family, it’s a reaffirmation that our commitment to
quality and service continues to resonate with people, regardless of where they live.

“The opening is also an example of the disciplined approach we are taking to international growth and
expansion,” Schuessler said. “We are working with franchisees that have the operations expertise and
financial resources to grow in existing markets around the world.”

The 6,000th Wendy’s restaurant is owned by franchisee Wenco Mexico, SA de CV, which now operates
12 Wendy’s in Mexico. Under the direction of franchisee Andres Garcia and principle operator Eduardo
Orozco, the franchise has an agreement with Wendy’s for expansion in Mexico over the next few years.
Garcia also is chief executive officer of Wenco Servicios de Comida Rapida, CA, a Caracas-based
company that operates 53 Wendy’s restaurants in Venezuela. The franchise opened these restaurants
in Venezuela in only four years, which is a record for the Wendy’s system.

Under Schuessler’s leadership, Wendy’s has restructured its International Division this year and
developed a new five-year strategic plan with an emphasis on the Americas. Brion Grube, who
successfully expanded Wendy’s business in Canada, is directing these efforts as the division’s senior
vice president.

“We believe that Latin America and the Caribbean offer a strong opportunity for growth,” said Grube.
“Not only do we have outstanding franchisees in place, the markets are less penetrated by quick
service restaurants and food and labor costs are reasonable.” There are 389 Wendy’s restaurants
operating outside the United States and Canada, with 165 located in the Latin America and Caribbean

The newest Mexican Wendy’s, located in downtown Tijuana, is a two-story building with a parking
garage below. The restaurant features a pick-up window, an innovative, high-production kitchen design
and will seat up to 224 customers. The menu will be the same as other Wendy’s restaurants
worldwide: fresh, made-to-order hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, salads, chili and Wendy’s
signature Frosty(TM) Dairy Dessert.

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