Wetzel’s Pretzels (Wetzel’s), the nation’s fun-loving pretzel brand, recently expanded in Aurora, and pretzels are the first thing on Walmart shoppers’ lists.

The new bakery will be owned and operated by one of Wetzel’s distinguished ‘Access to Equity’ entrepreneurs and restaurant industry veteran, Juveisa Prada. The brand’s Access to Equity program was created to improve inclusivity for women and minorities who are seeking opportunities for entrepreneurship through financial discounts, ongoing education and mentorship opportunities. The Aurora bakery reflects the continued partnership between the world’s largest retailer and the iconic snacking brand and is one of the many format options available that extends Wetzel’s entrepreneurial opportunity to a more diverse array of individuals. 

“I was attracted to the brand’s delectable snacking concept, the company’s guiding philosophy and the benefits of the ‘Access to Equity’ program,” says Prada, who has served as a Wetzel’s store manager for more than two years and boasts over two decades of experience in the restaurant industry. “These factors collectively empowered me to pursue my dream of owning a business. The strategic placement of our new location within one of the world’s largest retailers gives me unwavering confidence as we bring the brand to the Aurora community.”

Like all Wetzel’s locations, this store-within-a-store format offers shoppers the same fresh, high-quality pretzels they have come to expect at traditional bakeries. Similarly, the latest iteration of Walmart’s store format showcases the adaptability of the brand’s concept, adjusting to suit various locations such as expansive food courts, central mall areas, sports arenas, convenience shops, stands and even mobile food trucks.

“Through our Access to Equity program, we’re proud to provide Juveisa with the necessary pathway to business ownership,” says Jon Fischer, Head of Development at Wetzel’s Pretzels. “Incorporating our partnerships into our beloved snacking concept provides all the right ingredients to implement success and confidence within our franchise system.”

Wetzel’s has been sharing its signature handheld happiness ever since its founding in Pasadena, California in 1994. The brand continues to attract a cult-like following in communities across North America through its cool, SoCal feel and crave-worthy snacks that cultivate special moments of pure pretzel bliss between friends, family and colleagues.

Wetzel’s Pretzels franchisees benefit from being a part of a nationally recognized brand and its devoted following. With a proven business model that satisfies cravings for handheld snacks on the go, simple operations, a growing consumer base and franchise availability remaining in attractive markets, Wetzel’s can twist and turn into any design or location. Even better, franchisees are backed by an experienced leadership team for individualized support.

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