Many companies that service the restaurant and hospitality industry do not have firsthand experience of what it takes to run a restaurant. That is not the case with newly developed Indianapolis based One WiFi. It is this experience and Social Media Marketing that sets them apart from traditional managed WiFi Services.

“I worked in restaurants for over 15 years.” says Henry Kurkowski, one of the developers of One WiFi Hotspots. “Working in New York and Fort Lauderdale I did everything including cook, server, bartender, management and marketing in fine dining and casual dining establishments. I know firsthand the need for fast table turns, about keeping quality and uniformity in the product and about encouraging guest loyalty.”

This industry experience guided the development of the One WiFi System keeping a restaurant’s specific needs and challenges in mind. One WiFi ensures that a restaurant can maximize the benefits of Social Media Marketing and offer their guests WiFi without hassles and without fear of any drawbacks.

WiFi as an amenity is proven to boost business from college students, mobile business people and meeting planners. “This goes beyond WiFi.” says Kurkowski “One WiFi is a delivery system for Social Media Marketing and other eMarketing initiatives.” One WiFi Hotspots deliver messages about gift cards or special services to guests each time they logon. The system collects the email addresses of guests to help deliver incentives encouraging guests to come back sooner rather than later. After login One WiFi Hotspots can deliver the guests to Facebook Fan Pages or Twitter status pages and feed these online tools new fans directly from existing restaurant locations.

Offering WiFi to capture a larger market share is a strategy used by national brands such as Panera Bread, Starbucks, and McDonalds. Using free wireless internet in a restaurant’s growth plan is right on track with national consumer trends. With the explosion of WiFi enabled devices such as the iPod Touch, The iPhone, Laptops and Macbooks it is obvious that consumers are hungry for the service.

“The bottom line is that WiFi puts butts in seats,” says Kurkowski. “Our brand of WiFi is designed to build a stronger one-on-one connection to guests. It is important to make the most of guest interaction on-site and after they have left. With today’s economy we want to give restaurants every online advantage they can get.”