Zunzi’s + Zunzibar shattered sales records in its flagship Savannah location: $5,236 in one hour, $47,728 in one day and $123,439 over the course of the week leading up to St. Patrick’s Day.

Operational procedures like kiosk ordering systems, efficient kitchen processes and convenient takeout packaging allowed Zunzi’s to serve up plenty of hearty sandwiches, sides and festive cocktails to thousands of hungry guests with speed and accuracy.

The restaurant and bar’s prime location close to the revelry of Savannah’s 200th St. Patrick’s Day parade was a contributing factor to this impressive sales week, but according to founder and CEO Chris Smith, the secret to its success has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with investing in a strong team.

“We have focused internally to build a team that is passionate about the restaurant business,” says Smith. “They embrace the dynamic nature of the Zunzi’s brand and make it even more amazing.”

Over the past two years, Smith has hired key corporate managers to specialize in different areas of the business. Vice president of operations Kevin Nelson builds strategies that maintain Zunzi’s sky-high standards as the brand scales up in anticipation of franchising opportunities. Training managers for both the bar and restaurant sides of the business ensures that staff are well-versed in menu knowledge and mind-blowing customer service. Dalia Simpson, brand manager, upholds Zunzi’s standards and signature personality across all three locations, and social media manager Sarah Armstrong creates content that engages diners across all platforms.

“This St. Patrick’s Day proved that we have everything it takes for sustainable success. Our front- and back-of-house teams crushed it, managing crowds and order volume while still maintaining the stellar experience that our customers know and love. They truly lived up to our motto of providing ‘Shit Yeah!’ service to each and every person,” says Smith.

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